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Trusted Automation Partner: Unmatched Solutions and Services

At CAC, we go beyond being a mere systems integration firm. We stand as your comprehensive partner for businesses eager to leverage state-of-the-art automation, technical prowess, and advanced technologies that give them the competitive advantage. Our aim? To elevate production speeds, minimize manual tasks, and uplift overall quality. Whether you're seeking a turnkey solution, industry-specific insights from experienced consultants, or an extra support engineer or technician, CAC is primed to guide you towards your objectives.


As a one-stop-shop solution provider, we offer a unique blend of services that set us apart. We combine the capabilities of a traditional systems integration firm, the expertise of a consulting agency, and the adaptability of a technical staffing provider. This hybrid approach allows us to provide seamless, end-to-end services designed to cater to all your automation needs

Why Choose Us?

Our seasoned experts bring unmatched expertise in industrial automation, honed by a diverse project history. We're more than equipped; we're your committed partner in leveraging automation technology. Our unique insights and innovative solutions, drawn from varied sectors, offer fresh strategies to tackle your challenges.


Automation Solutions

CAC is a leading provider of cost-effective customized turnkey solutions and panel fabrication services. We think smarter not harder.

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CAC provides personalized Consultation Services tailored to companies in need of assistance with their current engineering or automation challenges.

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Technical Staffing

Unlike traditional staffing firms, CAC possesses a team of engaged engineers who are deeply involved in the recruitment and staffing process.

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